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Jana Jo

18 October 1975
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I am a wife, mother, klutz, writer, television junkie, and freelance editor. With these many hats, though I'm good at juggling, I would still like a magic wand and more hours in the day.

alex/isabel, alex/izzy, alias, alison krauss, anchorman, angel, anne boleyn, august rush, autism, books, bull durham, burn notice, celebrity babies, charles brandon, charleston, children, children's books, chocolate, clueless, clumsy, country music, deidre knight, denny/izzy, desperate housewives, dirty dancing, disney-pixar, dolly parton, dora the explorer, dr. seuss, e-publishing, editing, elementary education, eli stone, faith hill, farscape, felicity, fiction, fiona glenanne, go diego go!, gone with the wind, grey's anatomy, harper lee, henry cavill, heroes, historical fiction, invasion, jack/juliet, jack/kate, jake in progress, james "sawyer" ford, janis joplin, jennifer garner, john crichton/aeryn sun, john grisham, john jakes, johnny cash, jonny lee miller, juliet burke, juliet/sawyer, june carter cash, kate/sawyer, keri russell, klutz, klutziness, kyle/isabel, lady antebellum, larissa ione, lee smith, libba bray, literary fiction, literature, lost, margaret mitchell, marriage, matchbox20, max/liz, michael vartan, michael westen, michael/fi, michael/liz, michael/sara, motherhood, movies, music, nascar, ned/chuck, nick jr., noggin, north and south, parenting, peter/claire, pirates of the caribbean, preschool education, prison break, pushing daisies, reading, reese witherspoon, rob thomas, robinella, romance, roswell, save the cheerleader, sawyer/juliet, sawyer/kate, sesame street, sharyn mccrumb, sookie stackhouse, sookie/bill, sookie/eric, southern literature, special needs children, st. dale, stephanie tyler, sydney bristow, sydney croft, taylor swift, television, tennessee williams, the backyardigans, the carter family, the muppets, the royal tenenbaums, the tudors, to kill a mockingbird, true blood, tudor england, twilight, u2, veronica mars, will ferrell, william faulkner, women's fiction, writing, young adult literature